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Welcome To The Coaching Cohort!

As experienced coaches, we have a particular set of skills to help you resolve life’s challenges by supporting you to think differently, feel differently and get different results.

We all have growth opportunities and experience “pain points” at times throughout life that coaches can help address.

Are you facing one of these common challenges:
• Feeling overwhelmed, is your “life is running you”?
• Feeling stuck in an unfulfilling job?
• Entering a new life stage with confusion, uncertainty or sadness?
• Wanting more confidence or clarity as you approach a new opportunity or phase?
Longing for connection to a greater purpose and richer life?

We are here for you as you realign your career, reconnect with your spirit, or recreate the next phase of your life.

We welcome you to read more about us to find the best fit for you, or to contact us for a free exploratory call.

Is there a better investment than in your fulfillment, happiness and success?

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Meet The Coaches

We each specialize in a different “niche,” or area of expertise.
You can learn more about each of us here, including how to contact us for an introductory session.

Vivian C. Hardison, CPC, MA

As a Teacher and Coach, it is my joy to help you tap into your innate Spiritual Intelligence to create Abundant life experiences mentally, physically and financially.

Sharon J. Jacobson, CPCC, ACC

I’m a leadership coach supporting executives and leaders to re-set and re-align their path to achieve their goals and dreams. I authentically connect and inspire clients to bring out the best in themselves and the world.

Evelyn Jenkinson, MS, BCC

We all experience times of change and transition in our lives - with relationships, jobs, health, family circumstances and countless other situations. Especially at mid-life, change can be daunting and even frightening - but it can also be exhilarating and transformational. Learn what’s been holding you back and how to see “transition” as an exciting opportunity.

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What Is Coaching?

The coaching process is all about YOU! Simply put, coaching is a series of purposeful conversations designed to uncover obstacles you’re experiencing and focus on your strengths, while supporting you in moving toward your personal or professional goals. A coach is your PARTNER in discovery, creation, and accountability.


  • I Am Honored And Blessed To Have Met Her

    Working with Coach Vivian has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. She gave me the tools I needed to overcome challenges and work out what I really wanted in each situation. Coach Vivian incorporated wellness processes for my body, mind and soul that balances and strengthens me. If you want someone you can confidently work with who really listens to everything you are feeling and thinking, you need to contact Coach Vivian Hardison. I am honored and blessed to have met her.

    Karen M. Aquarion Water

  • Amazing Ability

    “If you are looking for a coach who has the ability to align your company’s cultural values with a personalized action plan for success, than go no further. Sharon has the ability to create and influence teams, as well as help individuals identify key opportunities to do their best work.”

    Avery Casper- Filbin

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Our symbol, the lotus blossom, holds tremendous spiritual significance across various cultures.
In Buddhism, the Lotus is considered to be one of the eight auspicious symbols, and is associated with the ability to blossom and become liberated.

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